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Career Opportunities In The Finance Sector


The Finance sector has got very many career opportunities that one can choose from. The following are career opportunities in the finance sector that one can take up.

Careers in finance



Finance is applied in insurance as well. There are some financial related career opportunities. This is because finance is applied to help the businesses anticipate the risks and protect themselves. One can begin by selling insurance policies or be a customer representative for existing clients. Alternatively one can be an actuary who will help in the computation of risks and the premiums payable which are mostly based on both qualitative and historical data.

Public accounting

Accounting is broad with many alternatives to choose from. Accountants help people and businesses to keep track of their finances. This is done according to the accepted accounting principles. An accountant is responsible for recording transactions for the business, auditing of financial records, preparation of tax returns and even the provision of other related financial consultations. One can begin by being an accountant, then an auditor and eventually a tax consultant. Accounting is applied everywhere, from the government offices to the hotels to the schools to the clinics and even banks and savings societies.

Venture capital professionals

This is a group that spends most of its time with the start up businesses, small businesses and the fast growth companies. This group of professionals does an evaluation of pitches from small companies to help in determining if the firm will invest in the smaller firm. However, it is important to note that the probability of failures in this type of business is very high. On the other hand, it has great rewards if it is successful.

Financial planning

Financial planners exist to help people come up with financial plans whose result is being financially stable in future. They go through an individual’s financial goals and help them in generating appropriate saving plans which will fit the client’s needs. Their plans mainly focus on the growth of investments, the preservation of wealth and tax planning. Most planners charge a flat rate fee while others charge fees equivalent to an agreeable percentage of the assets under their management.

Commercial banking

Commercial banks provide different financial services like savings accounts, checking systems and loan disbursements. This has led to the rise of many career opportunities like bank tellers, loan officers, operations officers, branch managers and even sales representatives. The good thing is that there is room for growth since one can start at the branch offices, go to the regional offices and eventually the corporate headquarters.

Investment banking

lsdnvlkasndkvllskadnvlksadvnaskdnlkansdvnasdvasdvInvestment bankers are mainly involved in the facilitation of issuing corporate securities. They then work towards making these securities available to investors for purchasing. They also provide financial advice to the corporate bodies and the individual investors as well. Many divisions exist in this profession. One gets to interact with security issuers, stock traders, acquisitions professionals, and even the mergers. One can also get an opportunity to specify and grow from either of this to the other.